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South Florida Neuropsychology in Boca Raton, Florida, is a full-service neuropsychology and psychotherapy practice featuring board-certified doctors. Our entire staff is kind, courteous, and has extensive experience in the medical field.

Steven M. Essig, Psy.D.

Steven M. Essig, Psy.D.

Dr. Essig is a licensed psychologist specializing in neuropsychology and psychotherapy. He received a Doctor of Psychology with a focus in neuropsychology from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. He completed an internship in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, and his post-doctoral residency in neuropsychology was completed at South Florida Neurology Associates in Delray Beach, Florida.

Practice Focus

In his clinical neuropsychology practice, Dr. Essig provides diagnostic assessments and treatment for known and suspected brain injuries and illnesses. His patients include those with traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia and other dementias, and mild cognitive impairment. He also offers cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Dr. Essig is certified in both workers' compensation and vocational rehabilitation in Florida.

Legal History

Prior to obtaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Essig was a civil litigation attorney for 10 years. He represented insurance companies and individuals in personal injury and commercial cases. Drawing on his legal background, Dr. Essig evaluates individuals for civil and criminal litigation cases, as well as estate planning matters, through the forensic aspect of his practice. He is uniquely qualified to provide insight and feedback to attorneys and courts due to his litigation history.

Raphael Wald, PsyD

Raphael Wald, Psy.D.

Dr. Wald is a licensed psychologist and board-certified neuropsychologist who helps patients of all ages. He holds a Doctorate of Psychology from the University of Hartford. While in college, he completed full-year rotations in psychology and neuropsychology at the University of Connecticut Health Center, the VA hospital, and Harvard-Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His pre-doctoral internship in psychology and neuropsychology was completed at the Neurological Institute at North Broward Medical Center, and his post-doctoral residency at Pediatric Psychology Associates in Coral Springs, Florida. Prior to joining our team, Dr. Wald served as the lead neuropsychologist at the Memory and Wellness Center at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

Practice Focus

Dr. Wald has been practicing psychology and neuropsychology in Florida since 2010, specializing in diagnosing and treating dementia, brain injuries, stroke, depression, and anxiety. As a certified consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Dr. Wald has successfully helped athletes in multiple sports with psychological and cognitive issues that interfere with their performance. Many of his patients have gone on to play professionally. He is also an executive board member of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology and is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Diana Bronshteyn, PsyD

Diana Bronshteyn, Psy.D.

Dr. Bronshteyn is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. She holds a Doctorate of Psychology with a focus in neuropsychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University-Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Her pre-doctoral internship in clinical psychology with an emphasis on neuropsychology was completed at the Buffalo VA Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, and she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the Florida Hospital Medical Group in Orlando, Florida. She joined South Florida Neuropsychology in 2015.

Practice Focus

Dr. Bronshteyn has extensive training and experience in the field of neuropsychology, and has worked with adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations in a wide range of settings including medical and rehabilitative centers. Typical patient populations experience various neurological, medical, and psychological concerns including epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular abnormalities, neurodegenerative disorders, depression, and other conditions. She has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of various neurodegenerative conditions, and primarily focuses on geriatric populations with a range of known and suspected cerebral impairments including mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body disease, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease, among others. Furthermore, Dr. Bronshteyn is bilingual, speaking English and Russian.