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Steven M. Essig, Psy.D., Director

Diana Bronshteyn, Psy.D.
Raphael Wald, Psy.D., ABN


South Florida Neuropsychology is a medical facility with locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida, that offers psychological services and neuropsychological evaluations. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive consultations and interventions for those suffering from brain disorders and other brain-based conditions. By integrating research-based knowledge, state-of-the-art clinical assessment tools, and practical real world interventions, we can determine a diagnosis and plan for treatment.

Our Commitment

All of the medical professionals in our office are committed to providing exceptional health care services for individuals of all ages. Referrals for evaluation and treatment are addressed promptly and professionally. We accept referrals from patients themselves or individuals such as:

• Neurologists
• Family Physicians
• Attorneys
• Parents
• Workers' Compensation Case Managers
• School Administrators

Our Services

Our clinical neuropsychological services target patients with cognitive difficulties due to a brain injury or illness. We administer a comprehensive evaluation to assess cognitive and psychological status to determine diagnosis and treatment. Forensic neuropsychology is the part of our practice that evaluates cognitive and psychological functioning for the purpose of civil and criminal litigation and estate planning matters. In addition, we also perform psychoeducational testing for the diagnosis of learning disabilities and offer psychotherapy to deal with a variety of problems.